The first of three Community Workshops for the Downtown Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Specific Plan was held on May 27, 2014, in the Adobe Room of the Baldwin Park Community Center.

After introductions, the consultant team presented PowerPoint slides showing the Specific Plan area boundaries, background and purpose of the Specific Plan, existing conditions, and key opportunities for the area. The presentation identified potentials for development on nine opportunity sites, as well as opportunities related to parking, circulation and urban design. Potentials for implementation and how to realize change in the Downtown area were also identified in the presentation.

Many participants agreed that long range planning for Downtown Baldwin Park offers a prime opportunity for Downtown to become the focal point in the City, as well as to become something that is enticing to attract visitors from the region.

Workshop participants noted the importance of involving developers throughout the process to facilitate change in Downtown, as well as creating incentives for private development. Because there is a significant amount of City-owned land in the Downtown, as well as public-realm improvements that are needed, public-private partnerships are the key to revitalizing Downtown. It was also noted that it would be important to the process to obtain Metrolink San Bernardino Line ridership information for the station.

There were also questions related to how existing businesses would be affected by the Specific Plan. It was explained that the zoning of many properties would likely remain unchanged since much of the Downtown is already zoned Mixed Use (MU-1), a zoning designation conducive to transit-oriented development. Development standards and design guidelines may become more tailored to the Downtown area, and much of the necessary environmental work for new development would be handled through the Specific Plan.

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