The following schedule identifies the major steps in the planning process.


April 2014Project Kick-off with City Staff
April-May 2014Baseline Studies and Analysis
May 21, 2014City Council Study Session
May 27, 2014Community Workshop #1: Baseline Analyses, Opportunities & Constraints
June 2014City Council Input Sessions
August 2014Joint Planning Commission/City Council Study Session
August 11, 2014Community Workshop #2: Preliminary Land Use & Urban Design Concept
June-Sept 2014Preparation of Administrative Draft Specific Plan
Oct-Dec 2014Preparation of Public Review Draft Specific Plan
January 14, 2015Community Workshop #3 – Review of Draft Specific Plan
Oct 2014-April 2015Preparation of Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
May 4-June 22 2015Draft EIR Public Review Period
July-Oct 2015Prepare Responses to Comments Received on Draft EIR and Preparation of Final EIR
October 27, 2015 Planning Commission Hearing
November 18, 2015City Council Hearing
February 17, 2016City Council Hearing - Specific Plan Adopted